Vol 8 (2014)

Table of Contents


Syntactic Structures as Descriptions of Sensorimotor Processes PDF
Alistair Knott 001-052
Some problems for biolinguistics PDF
Derek Bickerton 073-096
Conceptual and methodological problems with comparative work on artificial language learning PDF
Jeffrey Watumull, Marc D. Hauser, Robert C. Berwick 120-129
The Non-Hierarchical Nature of the Chomsky Hierarchy-Driven Artificial-Grammar Learning PDF
Shiro Ojima, Kazuo Okanoya 163-180
What Is Un-Cartesian Linguistics? PDF
Wolfram Hinzen 226-257


Signs and Offline Brain Systems in Language Evolution PDF
Gonzalo Castillo 067-072
The Bird Is the Word PDF
Pedro Tiago Martins 097-107
From Wallace’s Problem to Owen’s Solution: A Review of More than Nature Needs by Derek Bickerton PDF
Guillermo Lorenzo, Sergio Balari 108-119
At the Interface of (Bio)linguistics, Language Processing, and Neuropsychology PDF
Diego Gabriel Krivochen 141-162


From Comparative Languistics to Comparative (Bio)linguistics: Reflections on Variation PDF
Evelina Leivada 053-066
Self-Organization and Natural Selection: The Intelligent Auntie’s Vade-Mecum PDF
Víctor M. Longa, Guillermo Lorenzo 130-140
The Interesting Part Is What Is Not Conscious: An Interview with Noam Chomsky PDF
Michael Maria Schiffmann 181-203
Structural and Functional Organizing Principles of Language: Evolving Theories PDF
Ádám Szalontai, Katalin Csiszár 204-225

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