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Ethan Vila

Bio Statement Happy birthday images I sat down again. Twenty-four hairs. My God, what was that? Everyone has a bad day. But that he was so bad, that had never happened before. I just forced myself to think about one thing: my good genes. Only the firm certainty that my good genes gave me gave me the strength to scratch the hair in the sink and throw it into the trash can. The terrible spook was over. I looked into the mirror, admired my full hair and thanked my genes. The next few days I avoided keeping my head above the washbasin. Why, too. There could be no hairs. And if, then at most seven or eight. And they were finally replaced by others. They were still sitting in the starting holes and were waiting for them, too, to finally get the chance to stand in my full hair.

Happy birthday images For a long time I did not go through that. It did not make any sense to put his head in the sand. I went on the offensive. The matter had to be thoroughly investigated. With scientific methods. Using statistics. Why did you study it for so long? Since I had now finally a case, where statistics to what is good. The dummies at the university have always tormented us with only tasks happy birthday pictures. Here I had a case from practice. In the middle of life. Meticulously I collected every hair that had left the community of the hundred thousand forever. Conscientiously, I conducted a list of daily losses. For the graphic illustration, I made a scatter plot very neatly. On the X-axis the time, one day next to the other; left to right. On the Y-axis the number of lost hair.

Happy birthday images The larger the loss, the higher the data point. I said to myself, "Bodo, you have to be careful, as with the unemployment statistics: if the curve rises, then that is bad." The graphical representation confirmed my worst fears. Yes, there were certain fluctuations, but all in all there was no denying trend. He pointed from the bottom left to the top right. To compensate for the fluctuations in the day, I calculated the mean values ​​by the week. Statistical smoothing made the picture even more depressing. The trend clearly showed upward. To calculate the regression equation, the data base was still too thin. But that was just a matter of time.

Happy birthday images I did not want to wait. I could not wait. Finally something had to happen. The solution was obvious. The genes were not. I could be quite sure. Consequently, it could only be due to the diet. Without hesitation, I completely rolled over my nutrition plan. Vitamins, minerals, additives, supplements and otherwise only eco. In short, everything you need for a healthy diet. I only got food for the eco-farmer. I liked the 35-kilometer journey to the flat land. And my magnificent hair was worth the horrendous prices. For this there was the healthy country air completely free.