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Sandridge Maxima

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Biker, foodie, record lover, Worldwide Swiss fashion practitioner and fullstack designer. Making in the fulcrum of simplicity and Personal computer science to reply style problems with sincere alternatives. I am a designer which is my operate. Skateboarder, self-starter, fender operator, hand letterer and holistic designer. Creating for the crossroads of artwork and programing to specific ideas by way of layout. My views belong to nobody but myself. Skier, shiba-inu lover, drummer, hand letterer and Visitor speaker. Undertaking within the junction of minimalism and programing to produce not just a logo, but a sense.

Football fan, vegan, DJ, Bauhaus admirer and creative marketing consultant. Working at the sweet place among design and style and mathematics to give existence to the brand. I at times make random items with pals.