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reading into th mind of politics

by Olive Grey (2017-05-11)

I spend time with conservatives when writing papers for, listen to them, and agree with some of what they say and some of their policy recommendations. But virtually all of them are like Douthat in that their definition of "liberal" is overly broad, or so detatched from historical context that they can blame it for all of the ills that plague us. (Huntington is a "liberal conservative." Huh?)

They also tend to support policies and candidates whose only "virtue" is that they deflate the bloated liberal ego. This means Trump -- who is actually a bald-faced liar, whose university was a fraud, whose foundation is corrupt, who is an appeaser of the aggressor Putin, who is distressingly uninformed and uninterested about history, whose impulsive and puerile intellect barely fills a tweet and the leaves the world guessing about his sanity, and ours -- gets a free pass.

For the most part, they have made up their minds about what they hate. They focus intensely on their hatred. They decide that "liberals" are responsible for it all and that, if only we could get rid of "liberals" all would be well. It is really they who have the "end of history" delusions, derived from neo-cons like Fukuyama. They are, of course delusions, and they will only lead to more conflict.