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my essay expert's thoughts on homework

by Amelia Goldwin (2017-06-27)

I as an essay expert with completely agree re: projects. I have taught in several working class districts; I gave up on take home projects when I saw the heart breaking results. The kids with involved parents with disposable income came in with clever, creative projects that oozed with expendable income. Those who lacked...everything... were humiliated. Again. Sure, there might have been one or two who bucked the trend, or tried to - but that was hard. I started using class time to work on projects, and used my own funds to buy scraps and hardware to supply kids. Sometimes generous families contributed; sometimes it was completely on me. This was much more fair. I explained to sometimes over-involved parents why they could not help with in-class projects-unless they helped all the kids. They mostly understood. Mostly.

Now I teach underprivileged kids reading in an afterschool, nonprofit program. We're underfunded, of course, but full of heart and books. No homework issues. No project issues. I'm so much happier.