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belikon hane

Bio Statement There are insisting, for some days, some novelties regarding the "The Journey" mode on Fifa 18 . Saga enthusiasts will certainly appreciate this new feature in fifa 18 coin generator to generate free coins: for those who do not know, the user dresses up as Alex Hunter , a young British football prom, and with him he will become a star. alex hunter get free points for fifa 18 how to get free coins in fifa get your coins for free fifa 18 With the arrival of the new FIFA 18 hacktool , many expect improvements in a way that has really been so successful. The most frequent criticism was a scarce choice of championships where to play. Indeed, in truth, there was no option, since Hunter was "condemned" to play in Premier Leagu and throughout his career. Music should change to Fifa 18 . If in the past few weeks (also thanks to a picture depicted by the actor who impersonates Hunter with Cristiano Ronaldo) we already talked with Liga, Ligue 1 and Bundesliga insistence , the leaked image that we bring down further increases the field. Particularly noticeable is the MLS additions (the Los Angeles Galaxy logo is portrayed) and the Brazilian championship . In short, awaiting the August event in which EA will reveal much of Fifa's 18 details , it remains to be seen whether these championships can be chosen independently by the player or whether, instead, Hunter's story will follow a narrative thread more or less already written.