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In 2012, Troika Technology Solutions was established by Parvati Matkate, Godwin Pinto and also Mawin Pinto as a Website Design as well as Advancement Business with an objective to change the means sites are made and created in India. At that time as well as to some little level already, Clients are being sold a low quality websites. When we was available in our only Slogan was "Why work out for Less, When you could obtain a lot. We strongly think in informing, encouraging as well as gearing up Little and Medium businesses whether it's in Berlin or Baramati will certainly make a substantial difference to their earnings in return it has aided us as well. We have actually expanded with each other. OUR PHILOSOPHY Troika Tech Solutions as a firm counts on the The Kiss Principle, KISS is a phrase for "Keep it simple, stupid" as a design concept noted by the UNITED STATE Navy in 1960. Internet site -

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